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Safety and Security


At PITT OHIO, ensuring the safety of our customers, employees and our communities is our priority. We understand the importance of continuous training and are proud of our safety knowledge, experienced staff and ability to exceed industry standards year after year.

Customers experience the same level of safety and security they have come to expect from our LTL service. Our Truckload service operates out of 11 terminals, 3 are ECM's own facilities and 8 are shared with our LTL service centers.

PITT OHIO has established and continually maintains an excellent TRUCKLOAD motor carrier safety rating and low accident frequencies through our commitment to the following procedures:

  • Electronic software for real-time driver performance and violation history.
  • Equipment monitoring with alerts sent directly to PITT OHIO's safety departments.
  • Customized Safety Data Base to capture events in all operational areas.
  • Vehicle Maintenance program that exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Electronic Logs for monitoring drivers' hours of service.
  • Equipment designed with load securement options and e-tracking.
  • Modern equipment.
  • Member of the American Trucking Association CSA Task Force.
  • A Driver Advancement and employee development and advancement programs.
  • Continual employee training, monthly safety sessions and regulatory updates.

In PITT OHIO's Million Mile Driver Achievement Program, over 40% of our fleet drivers have achieved a million or more safe driving miles during their career.

PITT OHIO has a solid safety performance history and will continue to be a leader in the area of safety and compliance due to the dedication and professionalism of our fleet of drivers and vehicle maintenance personnel.


Because PITT OHIO's LTL and Truckload services share terminals, customers benefit from our industry-leading asset protection and security compliance programs established at these facilities.

PITT OHIO understands that our customers may have important and unique needs related to homeland security regulatory compliance, high-risk products or brand protection. We offer consultation and proactive partnership to ensure that our customers' security needs are met.

By leveraging modern and proven technologies, PITT OHIO provides for the integrity of customer assets while in-transit or at one of our facilities. Every hour of every day the PITT OHIO security team members are providing centralized monitoring and management of our enterprise asset protection programs.