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SAFETYBOX™ is a safety, compliance and risk management software for the transportation, insurance, and warehousing industries. SAFETYBOX™ was developed by PITT OHIO, a transportation solutions provider with one of the highest rated safety departments in the industry helps you put safe, compliant, well-trained drivers on the road.

SAFETYBOX™ integrates all your existing databases in one convenient, secure, online location to create unprecedented work process efficiencies and overhead cost savings.

All your data is organized within easy-to-use modules. Generating and running reports has never been faster or simpler!

Benefits of SAFETYBOX™

  • Functionality
    • Facilitates predictability analysis, highlighting areas of exposure for remedial action
    • Includes seamless software support through PITT OHIO’S SUPPLY CHAIN service
    • Generates letters to employees for commendation or discipline
    • Automates reporting via email
  • Customization
    • Data is organized in modules, customized to meet your team’s specific needs
    • Flexibility of system to measure what is important to your organization
  • Efficiency & Ease
    • Captures, tracks, and maintains information by location, position, or employee
    • Creates efficiencies, so you can do more with less
    • Integrates with many other software systems
  • Safety & Security
    • Serves as a single, secure, current digital hub, with document and photo uploading capabilities
    • Utilizes firewalls to ensure integrity and confidentiality

For more information about SAFETYBOX™ please contact 800-366-7488 ext. 6206


"Your Building Block to Safety, Compliance and Risk Management"