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Sustainability - Purpose

PITT OHIO is committed to doing our best to achieve environmental and social responsibility in an ethical and financially conscious way. Our addition of Purpose to our Sustainability policy furthers our consideration of the nature of our business and the impact we have on our communities, our customers, and the environment. We recognized our need to further deepen our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We are becoming more proactive in our approach to social and environmental issues and we are pushing for greater transparency.

Purpose speaks directly to PITT OHIO’s mission statement of Customer Driven, People Driven, Quality Driven. When we think of Purpose, we think of what makes PITT OHIO different from any other transportation solutions provider: our culture of “Just Say Yes.” We go above and beyond and differentiate ourselves through service, safety and security, and innovation. Purpose for us means the best-in-class service our employees provide to our customers every day, whether in the truck or on the phone. It includes the continuous investment back into our equipment, our buildings and, most importantly, our people.

Our employees are at the center of our culture and it is because of their shared belief in helping others that PITT OHIO is the community partner it is today. We are committed to maintaining a strong public image through support of the less fortunate, social responsibility, and safety of the people with whom we share the road.


We are proud of the recognition we’ve received both in and out of the transportation industry.

Financial Performance

We are a reliable business partner and good corporate citizen because we operate at consistent levels and sustain a strong financial performance.

Community Involvement

We are committed to strengthening the industry and communities that surround our organization.

Video – We’re Always There For You!

Our employees stand behind the PITT OHIO brand promise and our signature commitment.