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PITT OHIO has one of the highest rated safety departments in the transportation industry due to our mechanic's hard work and dedication to equipment maintenance. Martera mechanics have influence on the safety, functionality and company presentation of our equipment.

Throughout our terminal network, proactive and reactive equipment modifications are made by our mechanics in order to keep our freight moving within the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions, helping to provide on-time delivery service to our customers. Our mechanics are an essential part of our overall daily operations here at PITT OHIO, they strive to be Customer, People and Quality Driven.

Martera, Inc., PITT OHIO's vehicle maintenance division, offers great benefits, high standards of craftsmanship and a pleasant work environment.


  • PITT OHIO has a preferred age of 18 years, or older, for mechanics.
  • Mechanics must possess tractor and trailer repair experience.
  • While a CDL is not required to be hired, it is a condition of continued employment.

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