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Sustainability - Wellness Initiative

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At PITT OHIO, our most significant resource is our people, so we've extended our mission to be People Driven beyond the workplace. In 2007, PITT OHIO initiated a company-wide wellness program in an effort to encourage our employees to Eat Right, Be Fit and Live Well.

The goal of the program is to improve our employees' health and safety. In order to allow each employee the opportunity to perform to his or her greatest potential, we take care of our people. And in turn – our employees take exceptional care of our customers.

July 2022 – Summer Safety

Nothing beats relaxing in the summer, but spending time outdoor does have its risks.  Be sure to take the proper precautions when it comes to food safety, staying hydrated and take time to update your year-round first aid kits to include some summer-time essentials. 

Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold can help to prevent foodborne illnesses.  You can become dehydrated at any time during the year but summer but it’s much more common in the summer months so be sure to always have water available.  Lastly, first-aid kits should be updated every six months to keep supplies stocked and replace expired items. Now is a good time to go through your kits to ensure they are up to date and stocked with everything you need.

Sustainability - Eat Right

Eat Right – Food Safety

As the temperature rises, so does our excitement over picnics and grilling.  The hot weather is the perfect time to picnic and cook outdoors, but the warm weather also creates the perfect environment to support the growth of harmful food bugs. Food illnesses tend to increase during the summer months because bacteria multiply faster when it’s warm. Most people know to keep potato salad cold.  But sometimes a simple mistake in how we handle and prepare food can lead to serious sickness. Enjoy the warner weather but consider the following tips food for thought as you plan your summer outings.

 Sustainability - Be Fit

Be Fit – Stay Hydrated

When the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink is important whether you’re playing sports, traveling or just sitting in the sun. For most people, water is the best thing to drink to stay hydrated. Sources of water also include foods, such fruits and vegetables which contain a high percentage of water. Sports drinks with electrolytes, may be useful for people doing high intensity, vigorous exercise in very hot weather, though they tend to be high in added sugars and calories. Drinking more water can increase energy, relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, flush out toxins in your body, improve skin complexion, boost your immune system, naturally relieve headaches, and even prevent muscle cramps and sprains.  The amazing health benefits of water are endless!

 Sustainability - Live Well

Live Well – Summer First Aid Kit

Summertime brings more outdoor events, vacations and physical activities. With all of the fun also comes an increased risk for various health events associated with summer activities. Be prepared with a well-stocked first aid kit. Your year-round first aid kit likely includes items like sanitizing wipes, latex gloves, bandages, antiseptic and pain relievers. In addition to the basics, there are unique needs during the summer you should consider when packing your kit. Make sure you first aid kit is easily accessible to you during your summer activities, but kept safely away from small children. As always, review the medications frequently to check for expired medications. If there is ever a question about a medical event, contact your physician.