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Sustainability - Wellness Initiative

Wellness Logo

At PITT OHIO, our most significant resource is our people, so we've extended our mission to be People Driven beyond the workplace. In 2007, PITT OHIO initiated a company-wide wellness program in an effort to encourage our employees to Eat Right, Be Fit and Live Well.

The goal of the program is to improve our employees' health and safety. In order to allow each employee the opportunity to perform to his or her greatest potential, we take care of our people. And in turn – our employees take exceptional care of our customers.

April 2021 – Skin Cancer Prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. The two most common types of skin cancer—basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas—are highly curable, but can be disfiguring and costly to treat. Melanoma, the third most common skin cancer, is more dangerous and causes the most deaths. The majority of cases of these three types of skin cancer are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Despite efforts to address skin cancer risk factors such as inadequate sun protection and intentional tanning behaviors, skin cancer rates, including rates of melanoma, have continued to increase in the United States and worldwide. CDC supported The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer, which aimed to increase skin cancer awareness and called for actions to reduce its risk.

Sustainability - Eat Right

Eat Right – Sun Protection Foods

You got the pale-is-the-new-tan memo years ago and have the sun smarts to prove it. You slather on waterproof sunscreen before you exercise, sport floppy broad-brimmed hats at the beach, stay out of midday rays, and steer clear of tanning beds. Due to the severity of skin cancer, you're not messing around: Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, and women age 49 and under have a higher probability of developing its most serious form, melanoma, than any other invasive cancer except breast and thyroid cancers, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. Still, despite your savvy and diligence, there's a new stealth skin saver you may be missing: your diet.

Sustainability - Be Fit

Be Fit – Protect Your Skin

Reducing sun exposure and its potential aftermath (sunburns, wrinkles, skin cancer—you get the picture), is serious business. But for active individuals, laying low and avoiding the sun isn't an option. You want to get out there, knock out your workout, compete like a beast, and pretty much slay whatever fit adventure the world lays at your feet. The good news is, you can. With the right products at your fingertips (and covering your body), you can keep your skin protected and your sun exposure low.

Sustainability - Live Well

Live Well – Know Your Risk Factors

Protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation is important all year, not just during the summer or at the beach. UV rays from the sun can reach you on cloudy and hazy days, not just on bright and sunny days. UV rays also reflect off of surfaces like water, cement, sand, and snow. Indoor tanning (using a tanning bed, booth, or sunlamp to get tan) exposes users to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Sun safety is not just for vacation. Are you sun-safe every day? Take the American Cancer Society’s quiz and find out.