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Overview of PITT OHIO's Help Section

What is PITT OHIO's Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) coverage area?

PITT OHIO offers direct service to all of Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and parts of northern Kentucky, Jamestown, NY, and the Greater Triad of NC. View our LTL service area map for service standards or to find the LTL PITT OHIO terminal closest to you.

Where does PITT OHIO have terminals or service centers?

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) terminal's or service centers
PITT OHIO has a total of 25 LTL terminals throughout our service area. Find our LTL terminal locations and use our Routing Search guide to find the nearest LTL terminal.

TRUCKLOAD terminal's or service centers
Eighteen of PITT OHIO’s 25 LTL terminals are used for its TRUCKLOAD service. Find the PITT OHIO TRUCKLOAD terminal closest to you.

Do I have to be a registered user on the website to access all PITT OHIO tools?

PITT OHIO offers some tools that do not require you to be a registered user. Some LTL features you can access without being registered are: Shipment Tracing, Bill of Lading and Shipping Labels. However, by registering you will receive full access to all of PITT OHIO’s tools.

How can I integrate PITT OHIO'S LTL tools into my company's operations?

PITT OHIO supports the integration of LTL shipment data into your corporate computing services. Please visit our Web Services section of our website for further information on how to accomplish this.

When is a LTL invoice available online?

A LTL invoice is typically available for online viewing the day after the freight is picked-up. To view your invoice online, log-in to your account and click on eInvoicing in the tools section.

Why is my LTL invoice unavailable for viewing?

  • If your LTL invoice has been paid, it is no longer available for online viewing.

  • If your LTL freight bill has not been rated or completed through the Freight Bill entry process, the invoice will not yet be available for online viewing.

  • If you are not the paying party shown on the LTL freight bill, you will not have online access to the invoice.

What is Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic Invoicing reduces the need for paper invoices. PITT OHIO is continually innovating to make shipping effortless for our customers. We have created simple ways for LTL and TRUCKLOAD customers to access and view their invoices online.

How do I setup Pricing?

To begin the pricing process, please fill out our Become a Customer form. Thank you!

How do I apply for a PITT OHIO position?

PITT OHIO considers our employees to be our most valuable resource. To view and apply for open positions in our SUPPLY CHAIN, LTL and/or GROUND services, visit our Career Center.

To find out which TRUCKLOAD career opportunity may be right for you click here.

How do I create a LTL Bill of Lading with a template?

To create a LTL Bill of Lading with a template, click on Bill of Lading in the Tool menu and select the template that matches your shipping criteria. Once a template has been selected, fill out the form with your shipping information. Note: Creating a LTL Bill of Lading does not schedule a pickup.

How do I schedule a LTL pickup online?

With our online tools, you can schedule your pick up online and receive an email confirmation that your pickup has been scheduled in our operational system.

Less-Than-Truckload Rate Quotes

To receive a rate quote with your specific account information, please log in.

What is a National Freight Classification Number (NMFC)?

A Freight Classification Number is a number that is needed to rate a shipment. Every item that is shipped has its own classification number. The freight classification number can be found in a National Motor Freight Classification Book (NMFC).

How do I file an LTL Claim?

The fastest and most efficient way is to file a LTL claim online. To do so, you must be a Secure Web Tools user. For help on how to file a claim, please visit our LTL Claims page.