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Sustainability - Green Initiatives

"We're Always Thinking Green!"

PITT OHIO's signature commitment, "We're Always There For You!" goes beyond the treatment of our employees and customers. At PITT OHIO, "We're Always Thinking Green!" as well. By actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the road and at our facilities, we are on the forefront in preserving our environment.

PITT OHIO is committed to improving the environmental performance of our operations in an effort to sustain a healthy planet. We treat our business practices with an environmentally conscious approach.

Renewable Energy

We embrace opportunities for research and application of renewable energy. Our renewable energy powered microgrid, found at two of our buildings, uses a patented, groundbreaking process that takes wind and solar energy into a battery system and the subsequent distribution of that power to points of use.  Our commitment to People, Planet and Purpose inspires us rethink what we can do to revolutionize sustainability in the trucking industry and we are eager to use renewable energy more in the future to reduce our environmental impact.

Waste, Paper and Pallet Recycling Programs

PITT OHIO engages in waste product and paper recycling at all of its buildings. We began a single sort recycling program at our corporate office and Pittsburgh terminal and some of PITT OHIO's terminals participate in Pallet Recycling Programs, which reduces costs for waste removal by recycling pallets and junk wood.

SmartWay Transport Partner

For over three years, PITT OHIO has been a SmartWay Transport Partner and has maintained its commitment to improve the environmental performance of our freight delivery operations. SmartWay Transportation was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency.