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Canada Cross Border Delays Disappear with PITT OHIO Passport

PITT OHIO offers the most comprehensive solution to all of Canada through strategic relationships with Polaris Transportation Group and Rosenau Transport.  We use a proactive approach to pre-clear your transborder freight before your shipment is picked up. Our concierge approach to Canada customer service speeds your shipment across the border and it identifies Canada customs paperwork problems on the front end which could cause your shipment to be placed into a bonded warehouse on the back end. Let us set you up for success and make your cross-border customs clearance issues disappear with our PITT OHIO Passport. Shipping to Canada with PITT OHIO is easy, efficient and effective.  All of your questions will be answered from experts with resources to make shipping to and from Canada stress-free for you

Next Day Service

PITT OHIO Passport - Click Here for Documents

2 Simple Steps to Getting Your Canada Freight Across the Border

  1. Access our PITT OHIO Passport - It contains all of the crucial documents you need to get your shipments across the border.
  2. Our new concierge like approach to Canada customer service will ensure that your shipment is pre-cleared by Canada Customs before your shipment picked up. By reviewing your paperwork in the PITT OHIO Passport ahead of time for you, this preemptive approach to pre-clearing your Canadian shipments will eliminate delays at the border and make cross border clearance issues disappear.

When shipping to Canada with PITT OHIO, you gain:

  • Reliable, on-time service to the Western and Eastern Provinces with one point of contact for all of your questions.
  • PITT OHIO’s new proactive concierge service to pre-clearing your Canadian shipments to eliminate delays at the border.
  • Next Day service from Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, PA, West Middlesex, PA, Cleveland, OH, Toledo, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Albany, NY, Buffalo, NY, and Utica, NY to the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Polaris Transportation Group and Rosenau Transport are CTPAT Certified to speed the flow of cross-border goods without hindering border security.
  • Access to online rate quotes, transit time calculator, integrated track and trace, and routing search.
  • Protect your freight from freezing with Heat Track, which is the LTL industry’s most extensive Protect From Freeze service in North America.

Canada Snapshot

  • Reliable, On-Time Service
  • Coverage Area All Points East To West
  • Information Hub To Give The Best In Last Mile Delivery
  • 100% Hazmat Certified
  • Protect From Freeze service with Heat Track
  • Flexibility and Capacity

Need Help?

Call our Customer Service team at (800) 291-7488