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Electronic Invoicing

What is PITT OHIO's Online Invoicing tool?

PITT OHIO's Online Invoicing tool makes everyday invoice processing easier and more efficient. No more waiting for your invoices in the mail, view your invoices and supporting documents quicker than ever with PITT OHIO's Online Invoicing tool.

How will I know when I have new invoices?

After subscribing to PITT OHIO's Online Invoicing tool, you will receive each new invoice for your account at the frequency you would like (daily or weekly) through this tool, you will also be able to view all unpaid invoices online as well.

What all is included in our Online Invoicing tool?

  • Access to search your invoices online by invoice date, pickup date, PRO number, BOL number, or simply view all open invoices.
  • View supporting documents such as invoice, bills of lading, proof of delivery, and weight certificates, all displayed to you in a format which makes paying your invoice simpler than ever.
  • Pay your invoices with Trust Commerce which secures your information and gives you peace of mind that your payments are safe.
  • View historical invoices and payments to research past shipments done with PITT OHIO.

To signup for our Online Invoicing tool, please click here

Invoice Delivery via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Customers can receive their invoices via EDI 210 transmissions! Our EDI Coordinator, Jennifer Schatz, will work with you to develop a program that will best fit your needs and discuss any special requirements you might have. Please contact Jennifer for more information at 1-800-366-7488 or submit a Trading Partner Profile