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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

PITT OHIO LTL supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for computer-to-computer exchange of data. EDI eliminates paper documents and provides a more efficient, accurate and timely exchange of information.

PITT OHIO offers partners the ability to connect to our FTP server to drop off inbound EDI files as well as retrieve outbound EDI documents. If a partner has an established FTP server, PITT OHIO will connect to your server for the sending and receiving transmission.

Our EDI Specialist Jennifer Schatz will work with you to develop a program that will best fit your needs and to discuss any special requirements you might have. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Schatz at 412-232-3015 x 6519 or [email protected].

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PITT OHIO has the ability to FTP a Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery and a Weight Certificate image in conjunctions with sending EDI 210 files.

PITT OHIO also offers AS2 communication as another alternative to FTP.

Supported Transaction Sets

Transaction Set
Description Example Standard Mapping
210 Freight Bill
Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
214 Shipment status
Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
997 Transaction receipt acknowledgement    
990 Response to a Load Tender    
Transaction Set
Description Example Standard Mapping
204 Load Tender
Load Tender Specs
211 Bill of Lading
Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
820 Remittance advice    
997 Transaction receipt acknowledgement