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At PITT OHIO, the goal of any SUPPLY CHAIN engagement is to develop the best possible solution for the customer. To ensure that we are focused in the targeted areas and that each of our customers’ needs are met, we utilize a five stage process of Identification, Analyze, Shape, Implementation and Management. This methodology defines how each engagement between PITT OHIO and our customers develop.


Stage 1: IDENTIFY (Planning and Direction)

Customer needs are explored at a strategic level to determine what solutions will have a profound improvement to the customer's operation.

Stage 2: ANALYZE (Business Opportunity Discovery)

Each customer's need(s) is objectively evaluated; data collection and collaboration between PITT OHIO and the customer's operation-level personnel is critical to success.

Stage 3: SHAPE (Scenario Evaluation)

Solutions, resulting from cross-functional team analysis, are validated and tuned, often with pilot test iterations.


Stage 4: IMPLEMENT (Put Solution into Action)

Each validated solutions' value proposition is quantified and articulated to the customer prior to deciding to, or not to, implement a solution.

Stage 5: MANAGE (Audit Results)

If applicable, long-term implementation steps are taken, such as: work-flow, control plan, metrics, etc.