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Documents & Forms

Don't have a Bill of Lading? Download PITT OHIO's standard Bill of Lading template or try out our Online Bill of Lading tool. Click the 'Word' icon to the right to download a blank BOL to your device.

This printable form can be used as an alternate to our Online Claim Tool for those that do not have the ability to upload electronic supporting attachements with their claim.

This document is required for basic customs clearance into Canada and should be provided with the shipment's Canadian Bill of Lading.

The North American Free Trade Agreement's Certification of Origin must be provided with shipment's destined to Canada in order for the shipment to clear customs.

PITT OHIO LTL supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for computer-to-computer exchange of data. To initiate an EDI partnership we request that you complete the EDI Trading Partner Application. After completion, our EDI Specialist will work with you to develop a program that will best fit your needs and to discuss any special requirements you might have.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download this software by clicking on the icon to the right