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Safety and Security


At PITT OHIO, ensuring the safety of our customers, employees and our communities is our priority. We understand the importance of continuous training and are proud of our safety knowledge, experienced staff and ability to exceed industry standards year after year. PITT OHIO has been consistently recognized as having one of the highest rated safety departments in the industry receiving many awards.

Through our proactive mindset, we have established and continually maintain excellent motor carrier safety ratings and low accident frequencies.

As a company, PITT OHIO has a solid safety performance history and will continue to be a leader in the area of safety and compliance due to the dedication and professionalism of our fleet of drivers and vehicle maintenance personnel.


At PITT OHIO, we offer industry-leading asset protection and security compliance programs.

PITT OHIO understands that our customers may have important and unique needs related to homeland security regulatory compliance, high-risk products, or brand protection. We offer consultation and proactive partnership to ensure that our customers' security needs are met.

Up-to-date business continuity and resiliency program's, and relationships with key government and private sector organizations help keep PITT OHIO well-prepared against the risks of potential disruptions or crises.

By leveraging modern and proven technologies, PITT OHIO maintains the integrity of customer assets while in-transit or at one of our facilities. Every hour of every day the PITT OHIO security team members are providing centralized monitoring and management of our enterprise asset protection programs.

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