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PITT OHIO, Averitt & Customer SalonCentric Recognized with Alliance Award

Pittsburgh, PA (April 26, 2017) – PITT OHIO was presented with its third Alliance Award along with The Reliance Network carrier Averitt Express and customer SalonCentric for achieving goals in reducing environmental waste and improving customer order times.

Given by Logistics Management and SMC3, an industry trade association, The Alliance Award is presented to shippers and their alliance partners that improve supply chain efficiency through innovative practices. Contenders for the award are judged on their use of each alliance partner’s unique strengths and ability to show real world results.

By switching from traditional corrugate to reusable plastic totes, SalonCentric has drastically reduced the amount of disposable waste it puts into its supply chain. To pull it off, Averitt picks up empty totes during deliveries that are then returned to a consolidation point for reuse. The program has reduced supply chain fees associated with corrugate consumption and disposal by $40,000 annually.

“As a result of our tote return program, SalonCentric has been able to keep 325 tons of corrugate out of landfills and recycling facilities across the country annually, which has really been a huge win in helping us accomplish our environmental goals,” said Eric Reddish, SalonCentric’s director of operations.

PITT OHIO and Averitt devised a strategic distribution model of pool points and zone skipping procedures that allows SalonCentric to increase customer order windows by seven hours. The model also enables SalonCentric to save in excess of $50,000 annually in transportation costs.

“PITT OHIO creates customized solutions for our customers and customers of The Reliance Network,” said Geoff Muessig, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at PITT OHIO. “Customers benefit from the strong relationship Averitt Express and PITT OHIO have developed and we’re proud that this focus on one-to-one solutions is being recognized with a third Alliance Award.”


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