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Corporate Overview

PITT OHIO Named 2021 LTL Carrier of the Year by Roppe Holding Company

Pittsburgh, PA (May 10, 2022) - PITT OHIO, a leader in transportation, warehouse and logistics services, announced today the receipt of the 2021 LTL Carrier of the Year award from its customer Roppe Holding Company.   Roppe Holding Company is the parent company to commercial flooring leaders Roppe and Flexco.    

PITT OHIO was selected from among Roppe’s base of trucking carriers using key metrics to evaluate carrier performance, which are reviewed on an annual basis.  Key metrics revolve around on time pick up/delivery performance and issue resolution regarding damage/loss/service claims. Consideration for customer service performance, which includes local/regional/national sales interactions and pricing are also evaluated. 

Roppe’s Vice President of Logistics, Chip Deringer, said, “In our operational review of all our LTL carriers, PITT OHIO received exceptional ratings regarding pick-up and delivery performance and our data analysis indicated that combined, PITT OHIO received a 97% rating.  Additionally, your local pickup and delivery drivers were given an excellent rating for professionalism and product knowledge.  Over these past years of enduring the constraints of doing business during the Pandemic into today’s environment, where living up to your commitments is arbitrary to many carriers, being able to depend on PITT OHIO to consistently show up and deliver on time certainly sets you apart!”

Intangibles, such as meeting commitments, follow-up, corporate integrity, dedication to purpose and loyalty are also part of the overall analysis as well.

“We are extremely pleased with our PITT OHIO representative and the open dialogue and problem resolution with the PITT OHIO staff,” Deringer continued.  “It is good to know that we have PITT OHIO to help us navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters of today’s supply chain! 

“PITT OHIO has also confirmed our perception of your commitment to the future of your firm, your employees, and the environment.  Upon my recent tour in Pittsburgh, it was great to see your actions regarding sustainability, safety, employee retention and quality performance in action- and I compliment you on your corporate integrity,” Deringer concluded.

“We are honored to receive this award from Roppe Holding Company especially because the metrics they use to determine their Carrier of the Year is based on so many attributes we take such pride in at PITT OHIO,” said Geoff Muessig, PITT OHIO’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.  “We appreciate partners like Roppe who recognize reliability and the intangibles we place a great deal of importance on.  Endorsements like these confirm that our employees are delivering on the promises our company makes.  We remain committed to helping Roppe and all customers with capacity while maintaining our reputation as a carrier who delivers your shipments on time and intact.”


In adhering to their “We’re Always There For You” signature commitment, PITT OHIO is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value in its SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and TRUCKLOAD services.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, PITT OHIO services the entire Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions with over 3,000 employees.  The remainder of the United States and Canada is serviced with the PITT OHIO Transportation Group and additional North American service providers. To contact PITT OHIO, schedule service, or apply for employment, please visit their website at

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