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PITT OHIO Received 2021 Exemplary Project Award in the Ohio Green Building Challenge

Pittsburgh, PA (June 22, 2022) - PITT OHIO, a leader in transportation, warehouse and logistics services, announced today their Cleveland Terminal received the 2021 Green Building Challenge Exemplary Project award from the Go Green Go Cleveland 2030 District.   

In partnership with US Green Building Council (USGBC) Ohio’s Northeast Region, Cleveland District 2030 selected PITT OHIO from 21 entries. The PITT OHIO Cleveland terminal is the first trucking facility of its kind in the country designed to run on three sustainable energy resources: geothermal, solar and wind, rather than power sources readily available from utility companies. 

With the 96 geothermal wells drilled into the property, the terminal takes advantage of the ground temperature of the earth, a constant 55 degrees, to heat and cool the complex. The eight 60-foot high WindStax energy wind turbines allow the facility to capture and store natural energies generated by wind. Located on the roof, the 1,500 solar panels allow the facility to capture and store energy generated by the sun.  Once captured and combined, these renewable energy resources allow the facility to be self-sufficient.  

The power generated from these renewable energies is run through these three systems, which then goes into a diverter where it is transferred to an immense battery storage room, and finally goes back to the main distribution panels that run the facility. “The system is projected to generate enough electricity annually to power a community of 50 average US households and offset 421 tons of carbon monoxide,” said Jim Maug, Director Building Maintenance and Property Management. 

“The magnitude of a project like this is tremendous,” said Jim Fields, PITT OHIO’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are just grateful to all of the extremely talented people and the support of our ownership, the architect, the contractors and the construction workers who delivered us such an innovative and unique property. The Cleveland Terminal will provide us the flexibility to serve our customers for many years to come.”   

PITT OHIO was chosen as the exemplary project because of its innovation and project complexity. “We thank the Cleveland 2030 District for recognizing PITT OHIO and our Cleveland Terminal as an Exemplary Project,” said Maug. “Receiving awards such as these validates how the possibilities are endless when you combine innovation and curiosity.” 


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