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Sustainability - Carbon Calculator, CO2 Track

PITT OHIO working with Duquesne University developed a carbon calculator to estimate emissions from our fleet and facilities. Using our costing tool, we can estimate emissions down to each customer.  The CO2 Track tool allows any customer to pull their own carbon emissions when shipping with PITT OHIO, putting PITT OHIO on the forefront of allowing our customers to understand their Scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 Challenge: Understanding Transportation Emissions Frameworks

Click here to download the Whitepaper.

Visit our Carbon Calculator, Co2 Track to view your carbon emissions when shipping with PITT OHIO!

PITT OHIO is also proud to partner with to offer customers a way to offset their Scope 3 emissions when shipping with PITT OHIO. To purchase offsets for your shipments and to provide carbon neutral shipping to your customers, please access the calculator and select Shipping (1), then complete the Calculator (2) with the information from CO2 Track above. At this time, we suggest using quarterly data for purchasing offsets.