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Corporate Overview

PITT OHIO Updates Expedited Service

Pittsburgh, PA () - a leading transportation and logistics provider, has updated its LTL expedited service known as Fast Track. The award-winning expedited service now offers three solutions inside and outside of its core service area, including a TRNet Guaranteed service.

The updated Fast Track service now offers customers the option to guarantee their freight inside and outside of PITT OHIO’s core service area with Day Definite, Time Definite and Expedite services. For shipments throughout North America and Canada, customers can rely on the TRNet Guarantee available for Day Definite shipments.

    • Day Definite
      Use this solution when peace of mind is what you need. Guarantee the delivery of your shipments inside and outside of our direct service area with a Day Definite solution based on our standard published transit days by 5:00PM.

    • Time Definite
      Use this solution when time is of the essence. Guarantee the delivery of your shipment inside and outside of our direct service area with our Time Definite solution when your shipment must arrive by a certain time during normal business hours.

    • Expedite
      Use this solution when our Day Definite or Time Definite solution is not fast enough. Guarantee the delivery of your shipment inside and outside of our direct service area any time of the day, any day of the week. Same Day service is also available with this solution.

PITT OHIO´s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Geoffrey Muessig, said, "PITT OHIO prides itself on providing customized solutions for our customers and our Fast Track service validates this commitment. PITT OHIO has enhanced our Fast Track service offering to provide our LTL customers with high performance, cost effective guaranteed by day and by hour to most service points in the US and Canada."

The Reliance Network, to which PITT OHIO is a founding member, also added TRNet Guaranteed to Day Definite shipments across North America and Canada. In a press release issued by The Reliance Network earlier this week, Geoff Muessig, chairman of the executive committee for TRNet, said, "All of The Reliance Network members offer guaranteed and expedited services, so it was a natural extension to offer guaranteed service throughout our combined network as an alliance. The focus for TRNet has always been on established customer relationships. Our collective customers said they wanted a guaranteed option and we've worked together to provide one they can trust, while maintaining a single source of contact for our customers."

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In adhering to their "We´re Always There For You" signature commitment, PITT OHIO is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value in its SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and TRUCKLOAD services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, PITT OHIO services the entire Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions and the remainder of the United States, Canada and Mexico with The Reliance Network. To contact PITT OHIO, please visit their website

About The Reliance Network (TRNet)

The Reliance Network (TRNet) is a group of trusted regional carriers known for exceptional service, dependable on-time delivery and strong reputations. TRNet provides seamless LTL, truckload and supply chain services with a single source of accountability throughout North America. All members are SmartWay® partners. TRNet members are Averitt Express, Canadian Freightways, Kingsway Transport, Lakeville Motor Express, Land Air Express of New England, Mountain Valley Express, Peninsula Truck Lines, PITT OHIO.

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