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PITT OHIO Salutes Veterans

Pittsburgh, PA () - On November 11, PITT OHIO and its employees will pause to honor the veterans and members of the U.S. military who sacrifice to serve their country and protect our freedoms.

PITT OHIO has supported military service members and veterans since its opening in 1979. Today the Company employs more than is 226 veterans, about 7.5% of its workforce, working in a variety of roles across its footprint in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. A number PITT OHIO plans to increase.

Brad Caven, Vice President of Operations, said, "We are proud and honored to have so many men and women working at PITT OHIO that have served, or are serving, with courage and distinction. We are so grateful for the sacrifices that all of our veterans and their family have made and want to acknowledge and thank all of them for their service. PITT OHIO is proud of our employees and committed to maintaining our strong practices of hiring and retaining service members."

Dockworker at the West Middlesex terminal Tom Shimmin, said, "I´ve always wanted to serve in the military ever since I was a kid. I would never change my service experience and I have no regrets in enlisting. I learned many life lessons which in turn made me a better person. PITT OHIO is the only employer I’ve worked for that asked me if I was a veteran. I think it’s great that PITT OHIO is acknowledging its veterans for serving our great nation."

Moving forward, PITT OHIO will increase its efforts and programs to recruit, develop and retain our nation's heroes to help build its business.

PITT OHIO´s support of the military goes beyond the company´s Veterans Day celebration. Earlier this year, Jonathan Pauley, a driver from the company´s Battle Creek terminal, nominated his Terminal Manager Robert Wittlinger for the "Patriotic Employer" award presented by the Office of the Secretary of Defense Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Pauley said, "I take great pride in being a military veteran and feel blessed to be a part of a company like PITT OHIO, which supports military veterans not only on Veterans Day but every day throughout the year. As a veteran, the best support you could give is to take a second, even just one, and look at the flag and say ´Thanks.´ It means a lot to those of us who are currently serving, to those who have served, and to all the families who are silently serving behind our men and women."

After receiving his award, Wittlinger said, "I am honored to have veterans working here at Pitt Ohio. They have put their lives and the lives of their families on hold to protect and serve our country so that we may live free. We are proud to have such good men and woman working beside and with us."

US Cargo, a carrier within PITT OHIO´s GROUND service network will also participate on November 11. As a way to remember and honor our nation´s veterans and those who continue to serve, magnetic flags with the words "Proud to Honor Our Veterans and All Who Serve," provided by, will be applied to the doors of power units across the enterprise. A flag lapel pin will also be offered to employees.

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