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Corporate Overview

PITT OHIO Salutes Veterans

On November 12, PITT OHIO and its employees will pause to honor the veterans and members of the U.S. military who sacrifice to serve their country and protect our freedoms.

PITT OHIO has supported military service members and veterans since its opening in 1979. Today the Company employs more than 320 Veteran employees, nearly 10% of its workforce, working in a variety of roles across its footprint in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.  A number PITT OHIO plans to increase by creating an easy transition from military service to civilian life. 

“I am currently in the Indiana National Guard and life can sometimes be hectic trying to balance both my civilian job and my military duties,” Jared Williams, a Dockworker at the companies Indianapolis terminal, said.  “With that being said, PITT OHIO has gone above and beyond to make sure that they can make that as easy as possible on me. They have been incredibly flexible with me and my military schedule and I don’t feel guilty for having to leave on days where I have to go to drill.”

“I started working for PITT OHIO right after I left the Marine Corps,” Charles Heath, Columbus Supervisor, said.  “The transition was very easy and seamless, I filled out the application then was called right in and offered the job. I have been with PITT OHIO for close to 10 years now and it has become a both challenging and rewarding career. I am proud to be a part of the PITT OHIO team!”

Columbus Linehaul Driver John Stertzer said, “I worked for PITT OHIO before I joined the military and came back to continue working for PITT OHIO after I left the military. PITT OHIO has always been a great company that I am proud to be a part of.”

“PITT OHIO is like a family and coming to work for this company was a no brainer for me,” Williams continued.  “The amount of former military members in the company makes it even better because there are people here that I can relate with. PITT OHIO has made a huge difference on my life solely because I know if I have something I have to do with the Guard, I don’t have to worry or stress about what my civilian employer will say or think when I have to leave for extended periods of time. They are very accommodating and I am proud to call myself a member of the PITT OHIO family.”

William E. Scott, a United States Navy Veterans and driver with PITT OHIO’s Richmond terminal for 19 years, commented on the easy transition from the military to civilian life. “The training and discipline I received while I served prepared me for the transition.  PITT OHIO is a great company and they made it very easy to work in their environment as a team player and encourages me to be the best professional driver I could be.  I would recommend PITT OHIO to anyone looking to join a team – it would be well worth it.  I am proud to be an employee at PITT OHIO.”

Richmond Driver Charles Wyatt said, “No military is stronger than its soldiers.  No company is stronger than its employees.  PITT OHIO believes strongly in this and it is one of the best companies to work for.”

Robert Gelbaugh Jr from PITT OHIO’s Harrisburg terminal served in the Army and reflected back on the lessons his service instilled in him.  “I was taught to be able to accomplish anything,” Gelbaugh said.  “Skills and knowledge passed down by those that came before me.” 

Gelbaugh served in Korea, Central and South America, the Middle East and at several posts in the United States. He admits that transitioning to civilian life was not easy, a task made even more difficult with a young family.  “But PITT OHIO gave me the ability to take care of my family and make that transition successful,” he said.  “They’ve been there for me and my family for the last 25 years.  There is no better place to work than PITT OHIO.”

Brad Caven, Vice President of Operations, said, “We are proud and honored to have so many men and women working at PITT OHIO that have served, or are serving, with courage and distinction. We are so grateful for the sacrifices that all of our veterans and their family have made and want to acknowledge and thank all of them for their service.  PITT OHIO is proud of our employees and committed to maintaining our strong practices of hiring and retaining service members.”

Earlier this year, PITT OHIO received the “Military Friendly® Employer Designation,” achieving both Gold and Top 10 status, ranking 3rd among 224 employers.  The Military Friendly® Employers list is created each year based on extensive research using public data sources for thousands of federal contractors nationwide, input of military employees, and responses to the proprietary, data driven Military Friendly® Employers survey from participating companies.

Moving forward, PITT OHIO will increase its efforts and programs to recruit, develop and retain our nation's heroes to help build its business.  In four years’ time, PITT OHIO employees have raised and donated over $16,500.00 to the Fisher House Foundation.  A non-profit providing a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

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