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Corporate Overview

PITT OHIO Named Carrier of the Year by GEODIS

PITT OHIO was selected as the 2017 Carrier of the Year for the first time by GEODIS. GEODIS is a top-rated, global supply chain operator recognized for a passion and commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. After acquiring Ozburn-Hessey Logisitcs (OHL) in 2016, GEODIS has seen increased growth in the U.S.

To become eligible to receive an award from GEODIS, a carrier must meet certain criteria based on high efficiency in on time pickup and delivery. The carrier is also judged upon its EDI connectivity and claims settlement performance. Tender acceptance rate is also taken into consideration with an emphasis on productive customer service and customer relationship management.

Once a carrier becomes eligible, by meeting all criteria above, they are evaluated by specific scoring “enhancers” to determine one outstanding carrier. These enhancers include total loads moved, multiple accounts serviced, and performance trend. PITT OHIO was able to meet and exceed all of these scoring enhancers to ensure its selection for carrier of the year.

“PITT OHIO has been a top performer for GEODIS and our customers for the past several years.  It is great to see hard work rewarded as is the case with PITT OHIO who took their performance to the next level and earned Carrier of the Year,” said Doug Frank, Senior Vice President of Procurement for GEODIS.  “We have a great partnership, and they provide great service for our customers.”

PITT OHIO Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Geoff Muessig, stated, “PITT OHIO appreciates our relationship with GEODIS. We strive to keep the customer first and are honored to be recognized as their 2017 carrier of the year.”

In adhering to their “We’re Always There For You” signature commitment, PITT OHIO is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value in its SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and TRUCKLOAD services.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, PITT OHIO services the entire Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions and the remainder of the United States, Canada and Mexico with The Reliance Network.  To contact PITT OHIO, please visit their website at:

GEODIS is a Lead Logistics Provider who manages its customers’ supply chain by providing end-to-end solutions enabled by its infrastructure, its people, processes and systems. Our mission, vision and values reflect who we are as an organization, our approach and what we bring to the partnership with our customers

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