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Corporate Overview

American Group Names PITT OHIO Northeast Regional Carrier of the Year

PITT OHIO, a leader in regional and national logistics services and sustainability in the transportation industry, has received the 2018 Regional Carrier of the Year award from American Group, a leading provider of third-party logistics (3PL) services.   

“American Group has awarded their 2018 Eastern Regional Carrier of the Year award to PITT OHIO,” said Nick Heisterkamp, Director Carrier & Agent Relations at American Group.  “The award is based on a variety of performance metrics, including On Time Service, Claims Ratio, Invoicing Accuracy, Customer Service, Ease of Doing Business, and additional criteria.

Founded in 2006, American Group is the second largest privately held Third Party Logistics provider in the state of Arizona.  “PITT OHIO has proven to be a top tier carrier for American Group, and we’re excited to be able to partner with them as we continue our growth in the Eastern U.S.,” stated Daniel Krivickas, President of American Group.


In adhering to their “We’re Always There For You” signature commitment, PITT OHIO is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value in its SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and TRUCKLOAD services.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, PITT OHIO services the entire Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions and the remainder of the United States and Canada with the PITT OHIO Transportation Group and additional North American service providers. To contact PITT OHIO, please visit their website at

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