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PITT OHIO WINS 2015 Ohio Trucking Association Fleet Safety Award

Pittsburgh, PA (September 20, 2016) - PITT OHIO wins 2015 Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) Fleet Safety Award for the Large Division, Over 20 Million Mile Category. Plaques were presented by the OTA and Great West Casualty Company at the Annual Conference Awards Dinner on Monday, September 19.

Fleet safety awards are presented to trucking companies that have the lowest accident rates per million miles traveled within Ohio, but who also demonstrate significant community involvement and make contributions to overall truck safety in the state. The awards are co-sponsored by Great West Casualty Company.

PITT OHIO’s Vice President of Safety, Jeff Mercadante, said, "I would like to congratulate the Ohio drivers for winning first place in the Ohio Motor Truck Safety contest. This is an outstanding accomplishment that reflects the type of drivers we have at PITT OHIO. We are proud to recognize the drivers and what they do every day keeping our highways safer."

OTA is a nonprofit, full-service trade association formed to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry in Ohio. Membership includes over 800 company members, including both Ohio-based and non-domiciled carriers, and their suppliers.


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